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Drurys Pre-Lock Phase: Deer Hunting October 25 – November 1


Drurys are among the best in the business at harvesting mature bucks. Listen as they break down the hunting approach for the “pre-lock” phase of October 25 through November 1.

The October lull is in the rearview mirror, and the hunting is about to get good! Here, the Drurys break down what is going on in the deer woods and how you need to strategize your hunts during the phase they have named “Pre-Lock”.

October 25 through November 1 is one of the best times to be in a tree. Instincts to breed take over the bucks’ minds, and daylight activity increases. Cooler temps and the urge to breed could give you some great opportunities.

This phase is one of the most productive blocks of days for the Drurys in their company’s history. Scrapes and rubs are more prevalent, popping up all over the place. Food plots become meeting grounds as the mature bucks are looking for the does that will come in first.

Do your homework and look to apply the information in this vide; you may just find yourself on the blood trail of a good buck this fall.

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Drurys Pre-Lock Phase: Deer Hunting October 25 – November 1