Top 5 Pranks to Play on Your Hunting Buddies

Pranks are just as much of a tradition as deer camp itself.

It's that time of year again. The weather is getting colder and almost everyone's mind is transitioning to hunting.

Hunting is steeped in traditions, and the most important of those traditions? Screwing with your buddies.

1. The fake deer

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Steal your buddy's binoculars and place a decoy just out of sight range of his stand or blind. Wait for them to shoot it.

To better the odds of fooling your friend (if you can still call them that after this incident), place that decoy just peeking out behind some trees. Better yet, if you have a taxidermy mount that you are willing to sacrifice, screw that to a tree.

2. This one still has spots!

Just because your friend shot the first deer in camp doesn't mean you have to worship the ground they walk on. If you let your deer hang overnight, this is a great trick.

When everyone is asleep, sneak out to the hanging deer with some white shoe polish and add some spots. Your friend's great buck? Well, it's a 10-point fawn now.

3. Predator calls are scary when you don't expect them


If you have an electronic predator call, it's time to get creative.

Wait until a fellow hunter in the outhouse and hit the rabbit distress call, one that'll cure constipation. Use it when everyone is trying to sleep, shut it off when they go to investigate, rinse, and repeat.

4. Stage some pictures


Offer to help a friend hang some trail cameras and mark their locations. Then buy this Gorilla Suit costume, or get one similar to it.

Next thing you know, your buddy has a Bigfoot problem on his hunting property.

5. Halloween decorations for the win

They have battery operated motion activated Halloween decorations that are great for scaring the crap out of your buddies. Put them on a tree on the way to his hunting spot. You know everyone has to use a bathroom strap it to a toilet seat and catch them with their pants down, literally.