animals we wish we could chase

Top 10 Animals We All Wish We Could Chase

All of us as hunters have a bucket list.

We all have a few hunts we swear we'll try before we hang it up. And, once most of us start talking about our bucket lists, we realize we all dream of the same hunts for the most part.

Here are the top 10 animals we all want to chase one day.

1. Kodiak Brown Bears

Kodiak Island in the great state of Alaska has some really large bears. They'e essentially huge versions of grizzly bears that feed on a heavy diet of fat, rich fish. These large, fearsome bears are a formidable game animal to chase. Only the bravest hunters and huntresses will venture into the thick brush in search of these dangerous predators. In fact, the Kodiak brown bear is about as dangerous as big game gets here in North America.

2. Trophy Bull Moose

North America offers a big-game species that'll dwarf your favorite deer species. Whether you're hunting in Alaska or somewhere in Canada, the mighty moose is a powerful foe. It does, however, hide quite well, even with those massive antlers. Call one of the big bulls in and stand your ground. These large beasts can knock over trees, so if you do hunt them, do it with caution!

3. Ptarmigan

Dream hunts aren't always about big game. Even the ptarmigan species in Alaska offer a different kind of upland bird hunting. These interesting birds allow the chase to be taken across some of the most beautiful landscape on this planet. Be careful where you step in bear country, though!

4. Elk

The majestic bull elk is the king of his domain. Hunting these majestic animals in the mountains of western states like Montana, Wyoming, Colorado or Idaho will certainly give you a work out. However, the scenery is generally as good as it gets in this part of the country.

5. Alligators

There's something thrilling about chasing a modern-day dinosaur that could rip you from your boat. If you like watching Jurassic Park and wish you could hunt dinosaurs, this is about as close as you'll ever get! Head on down to Florida or Texas and book a hunt. Imagine the rifle slings, belts and boots you could make with all that grand leather. Everyone loves that "tastes like chicken" gator meat, too.

6. African Elephants

Where wild elephant populations are very stable and need managed, a bull African Elephant is one massive harvest. With the speed and power of a freight train, your shot better be true. Elephants have stomped and gored many villagers and hunters over the course of time. All of that meat can feed a whole village, making safari hunters a favorite among locals.

7. Cape Buffalo

The cape buffalo is a tank of muscle, bone and tough hide. They also have extremely bad attitudes. Stalking these tough animals requires a big gun and nerves of steel.

8. African Lions

Lions will eat you. They eat countless villagers every year. The villagers love when hunters target these alpha predators. The speed of an African Lion is remarkable, so you'd better have a small army to back you up if you decide to hunt these ferocious felines.

9. Bighorn Sheep

In the highest points of North America lives a regal titan of rocks. The sure-footed bighorn sheep can get to places human boots will never tread. Hunting these absolutely stunning creatures requires sturdy hiking boots, quality optics and remarkable stamina.

10. American Bison

What's more American than chasing after the great American bison. At one time, giant herds thundered across the prairies. And now, populations in some areas are at a historical high for centuries, and private game preserves raise them, too. Creeping up on these huge, tasty animals would be like stepping back in time. Pack a traditional Sharps Rifle in an old-school caliber like .45-70 and relive history.

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