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Tips to Quickly Teach Your Dog to Shed Hunt

quick tips teach dog shed hunt

If you have a playful dog, it won’t take much time to turn him into a shed finding machine.

Anyone thats tried to shed hunt knows that its a bit like finding a needle in a haystack.

I constantly take walks this time of year, keeping an eye out for deer antler sheds and  scouting for spring turkey. I rarely find sheds on my own.

You have to get lucky or  do grid searches with a fairly big group.

That’s why a hunter’s best friend can be awesome and its really not as hard as you might think to train them.

Bob Murray with Point Blank Outdoors was a dog handler for the New York State Police for 13 years and shares some awesome tips below:

You don’t need a specific breed of dog to successfully shed hunt, but retrievers tend to be do well.

As Bob suggests, it helps to have a dog that loves to play.

The key tips:

  1. Stop working the dog if it gets bored
  2. Wear latex gloves so the dog isn’t identifying your scent.
  3. Grind off the points of the antler so they don’t get hurt. Otherwise, negative reinforcement might cause them to avoid sheds.

Even if they aren’t a great shed dog to start, just a few minutes a day will help their development.

And while your dog may not find every shed, even a beginning shed dog has a good chance of helping you find more antlers.


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Tips to Quickly Teach Your Dog to Shed Hunt