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How to Effectively Pattern Your Shotgun for Turkey Hunting

It's critical to pattern your shotgun for turkey season and ensure you can make an ethical shot. These guys show you what you need to know.

As spring approaches, it's time to break out your turkey hunting weapon and dial it in.

Every shotgun configuration is going to be different. The gun, gauge, choke, shell and shot size all affect performance as you'll see below.

It's a fairly simple task. You just have to mark out a variety of ranges between 30-60 yards. Then, take each shot and count pellets. They suggest 8-10 hits in the vital area to be an effective pattern.

Using a target that shows the turkey head and neck will give you the most realistic idea of whether your pattern is lethal.

Luckily, this part of a wild turkey will print out on a standard sheet of paper. Searching online, I found that the Alabama Extension has a PDF turkey target available so you can download, print  and track your shots.

The nice thing about these targets is that they have an area to document information. Bring a stack of those out to the field and you should be set.

You'll also want a backstop and a stapler or tape for the target. I like to take a red marker and brighten up the center.

It's a perfect time to get ready for turkey season.  You can test multiple guns, different turkey chokes and a variety of shell sizes.

When you're finished, you'll know exactly when that bird is in your kill zone.