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Tips for Dealing with Annoying Chigger Bites This Summer

This is how you can deal with chiggers this summer.

The weather is finally warming, and it feels like the summer is almost upon us. While we love the summer months for the great weather, the barbecues and great fishing, there are some things we do not like. One of the biggest things we dislike are the biting insects. More specifically, chiggers.

These little guys are almost worse than mosquitoes or ticks. They are actually the larva stage of a mite. They are sometimes called "berry bugs" because of their red coloration. Chiggers are small and hard to see, but once they get on you, you will know about it once the itching starts.

Obviously, you do not want to stay indoors all summer, but how do you deal with these pests? The humorous video below gives some solid home remedies that should help.

These are some good practical tips to help stop that awful itching once the chiggers have already bitten. By the way, most doctors advise against scratching chigger bites. That is just going to make the itching sensations worse.

If you want to avoid chiggers completely, try spraying down with a quality bug spray before heading out into the woods this time of year. Tuck your pant legs into your boots and your shirt in because chiggers like to enter through seams in clothing. That is why many people see most bites around their ankles. Try to avoid areas of tall grass, as these are prime spots for them to hide out while waiting for victims to pass.

We should also note that urban legends about chiggers "laying eggs or burrowing under the skin" are complete falsehoods. A few other suggestions that were not given in this video. Try using Neosporin or other antibiotic ointments on the bites. An anti-allergy medication may also help alleviate some of the itching symptoms while your body heals the bites.

By taking some proper precautions, you can avoid unpleasant encounters with these creepy crawlies entirely this season!

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