Bear Blowgun
YouTube; Tim Wells Bow Hunter

Tim Wells Successfully Harvests a Black Bear Using a Blowgun

Can a blowgun really kill a black bear?

In the thousands of years that humans have hunted, we have tried almost everything in our pursuit of putting food on the table. These days most hunters use a firearm or bow. We have forgotten about some of the more unusual tactics used to hunt in the past. However, there is a small, but dedicated niche of hunters determined to keep some primitive tactics alive.

One of those hunters is Tim Wells. He is a huge fan of both spears and blowguns. The latter of which is what we'll be discussing today. We have seen Wells use blowguns to take gar, a monkey, and a ram before. The weapon is proven to work on many types of big game.

However, black bears are a whole other animal. They have thick fur that is difficult to penetrate even with a quality bow. Can Tim successfully use such a primitive weapon to harvest such a tough animal? Watch and find out in the video below. There is a bonus spear hunt to kick the video off.

There you have it, a blowgun can harvest a black bear. Granted this was a younger animal, but it still proves that the weapon is more deadly than most may think. Key here is broadhead sharpness. It is not the energy of the dart that is killing the bear here. It is trauma caused by the sharp blades cutting into a vital organ.

As you can probably guess, shot placement is key. It is clear from the practice Tim showed before this hunt that he has spent a lot of time and energy honing his skills with the blowgun before ever heading into the woods.

Obviously, blowgun hunting is a niche tactic. It's not for everyone. However, for those who have gotten tired of using a bow or rifle, it could present a brand-new challenge that could re-energize one's love of hunting.

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