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4 Peculiar Hunting Methods Didn't Know Existed

Tired of using a bow, rifle or shotgun?

When people think of a hunter, they generally think of someone dressed in camouflage with a gun or a bow. However, there are other ways to hunt.

There are countless sportsmen who prefer deer hunting with a crossbow, a traditional bow or blackpowder. Then there are hunters who like to think even farther outside the box.

Have you ever heard of the following alternative hunting methods?

Spear Hunting

This is one of the first methods humans ever used to harvest meat. Believe it or not, people still spear hunt all over world, even in the United States.

American hunters commonly hunt bears, feral hogs, deer and even mountain lions with spears.

Fox Hunting on Horseback

hunting methods

There are other ways to hunt foxes—trapping, firearm, bow—but the traditional way is on horseback with a fleet of foxhounds. Beginning in England in the 16th century, fox hunting on horseback is something that still happens.

It's become the topic of controversy and is banned in a number of countries, but it's still legal in the United States.


You've probably seen one of these at your local sporting goods store and thought it was a toy, right? Guess again.

Blowguns are very lethal weapons that'll surely take down an animal if you know what you're doing. Additionally, they're dirt cheap, weigh almost nothing and hardly make a sound.


Falconry is just as gnarly as it sounds.

If you aren't familiar, it's like hunting with a trained dog, except instead of a dog, you're using a trained falcon that swoops in and snatches your prey.

Falconry is legal hunting technique in every state except Hawaii, and is also banned in the District of Columbia.