Tim Wells Badly Wounds Himself With His Own Spear

This video is not for the squeamish.

Tim Wells of Relentless Pursuit was on an African hunt when, after climbing down from his tree, his spear fell and completely passed through his thigh. The wound left him bleeding badly, immobilized and all alone.

His supplies and only lifeline to contact help stayed perched 15 tantalizing feet above his head in a tree he couldn't hope to climb.

Watch as Wells talks through his fight to stay conscious in Africa while suffering the effects of volume loss.

He never expressly says it, but the subtext of Wells' words indicated that this video might also serve as a farewell in case he didn't make it.

Thankfully, Wells did survive after a grueling six-hour wait and a speedy, stateside recovery.

If you're wondering, the irony of getting stuck by his own weapon is not lost on the guy. He's famous for coining the term "slock" in reference to sticking an animal with a spear or arrow. Wells may have been the first to admit that he slocked himself with his own spear.

Accidents will happen, especially if we disregard precautions we know we ought to take, like Wells admits in the video. As deer hunting seasons open up this fall, let's keep this lesson in mind as we climb our trees and sit to wait for whitetails.