Tim Kjellesvik

If fishing and hunting were women, I would have become a polygamist at age four and married both of them. From squirrels and sunfish as a kid to whitetails and walleye as an adult, I’ve always been head over heels for the outdoors. The requisite skills and knowledge coupled with the bust-yo-butt hustle conspired to make this a lifestyle I love dearly. I’m a bowhunter, endurance athlete, backpacker, gardener, tanner, nutrition nerd, fly fisherman, dead pan humor practitioner, wild edible eater, bowfisherman, and predator predator. Pursuit is what I’m designed for and if you have forward facing stereoscopic eyes and canine teeth, then like it or not, you are too. I want the outdoorsman to be regarded as a conservationist, a woodsman, a thinker, and a provider…and I want to have fun doing it. Learn more about me and my adventures at