TikToker Thinks Cat Is Dead, But The Prank Was On Her

??One TikTok User was shocked when her cat didn't wake up. She then thinks the cat's dead. 

A video posted on social media shows Tik Tok user Jolly Hoang, @Jollymaii, picking up her sleeping cat. In the video comments, she says she initially set out to film the video to show her boyfriend her cute cat.

The TikTok video caption reads, "I woke up and thought my cat was in a deep sleep, so I recorded myself pranking him, and I realized he isn't waking up at all." The cat owner realizes that no matter what she does, the cat is still not waking up. Tiktokers watch as Hoang's face turns panicked, realizing that her cat may be dead. She tries to wake him asap.

Cat Playing Dead?

@jollymaiiMy heart stopped for ages ...? original sound - Jollymai

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As you watch the video, you can see one of the other cats come over and nudge the cat in their owner's hands. The following caption says, "I started to get really scared." She continues to try to wake the cat up, to no avail.

The video on the popular social media platform ends with Hoang looking relieved and kisses the cat on the head.

The video garnered over 9 million views from subscribers in its first week on the social media platform that Microsoft tried to buy last year. Hoang's video garnered over 57,000 comments. Influencers love to garner this many comments and views!

Is The TikToker's Cat Dead or Alive?

Many TikTok users were confused at the end of the video. They were not completely clear the first time through if the cat was alright or not.

Hoang followed up to reassure everyone that her cat was alive and well in the comment section.

TikTok user @peanutbuttersister commented, "The other cat whispered in his ear, "use one of your 9 lives!"

While @ayadeen03 comments, "you're so calm I would've started screaming and crying."

@hangryhyena says, " I'm fully convinced that the cat WAS dead ad you brought them back to life with your kiss."

Hoang says she still posted the video, saying, " Yes, it is alive, and the reason I posted the video is because I thought it was cute, and it's funny because he pulled a prank on me."

The video saddened some users due to losing their cats to the pandemic. "I'm crying so bad bc my 5kittens died by COVID," commented @xxxgamegirl0. So far, there is no vaccination for pets to help fight COVID.

Do Cats Normally Sleep Deeply?

One thing that many cat owners do not know about cats is they do have a deep sleep cycle. However, it is short and does not happen often. According to Sleep.org, cats can sleep between 12 to 16 hours a day and have three sleep cycles, just like people do. Their light REM sleep is more of a cat nap, while when they hit deep sleep, it is challenging to wake them up.

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