2 Tiger Sisters Fight Over Turf in Battle for Dominance

Watch this drama unfold as two sister tigers fight over dominance and turf. The fight is short but brutal as childhood bonds are destroyed.

I'm not sure how the filmmakers know why this encounter between two sibling tigers occurred, but they claim the battle revolves around a fight over turf. They claim that these two sister tigers have outgrown their territory and only one can occupy the hunting ground at a time, so this is a fight for dominance and turf.

A fight for dominance certainly, but a fight for turf seems a little presumptuous, unless, of course, we are privy to what occurred after the attack. Did the losing tiger move out of the territory? We don't know.

What we do know is that this was a brief and wickedly brutal encounter between the two cats.

The narrator tells us that the stalking tiger weighs 370 pounds, and yet she is as silent as a ghost as she creeps up on her sibling.

The stealth and patience that these big predators display is amazing. And it's equally amazing how quickly - in a millisecond - the other, sleeping tiger responded to the attack. It was blindingly fast.

Whatever the real cause for the attack and fight, it is frightening to think of the power, speed and deadly force that an adult tiger can unleash. It's little wonder that they were prized by hunters throughout the ages.

Thankfully we are doing our best to conserve tigers now, lest these magnificent beasts be lost forever. Check out this video of a dramatic tiger attack on a ranger in India. The ferocity of these big cats is incredible.

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