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Leopard Attack Leaves 10 People Injured

A rampaging leopard tore through a small village in India recently, seriously injuring 10 people, including one three year old child.

Recently in the small village of Khajuri Pandya in the Uttar Pradesh area of India, a wild leopard went on a rampage. The beast attacked villagers, going from building to building and victim to victim.

Ten people were seriously injured, including a three year old child, but thankfully no fatalities occurred. Watch the video to see the enraged animal tear after a villager who enters a small building, only to have the big cat viciously attack him.

It looks as though the entire village is outside, watching and attacking the leopard by throwing sticks and other objects at it. Several villagers follow it as it enters a doorless building, only to have the mass of people suddenly turn and run as the cat emerges and lunges upon another hapless victim.

Eventually the villagers’ attacks proved fatal to the leopard, and it was found dead that evening. The narrator indicates that there have been reports of wild animals attacking people in the area over the past few months. But this animal attack is the most serious.

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Leopard Attack Leaves 10 People Injured