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Killer Crocs and Carnivorous Lions Attack at River Crossing

killer crocs

River crossings in Africa are dangerous business for prey animals, what with massive killer crocs lurking in the water and ravenous lions waiting on the other side.

Filming in the Mara Triangle of Kenya, safari guide James Hendry had an eventful and exciting day. He and his crew ran up and down the Mara River in search of activity, and boy did they ever find it.

With killer crocs, hungry lions, and masses of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle attempting a river crossing, the action was intense.

The Mara Triangle is part of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. It is separated from the Maasai Mara Reserve by the Mara River and covers an area of approximately 320 square miles. It is also rich in game animals, making it perfect for wildlife watching.

While the first, main crossing proved uneventful as far as predator/prey encounters, it was nevertheless loaded with animals. Hundreds of wildebeest and zebra were preparing to cross the river… until one massive crocodile lifted its head and chest from the water and scared them all away. It was a very curious move by the croc.

At the next crossing, the team was excited to see a lioness attack the last wildebeest that came out of the river. She had experienced a couple unsuccessful attempts early on, but was finally was able to grab the last wildebeest and bring it down right in front of them. It was brutal.

The final crossing of the day involved a small herd of Thomson’s gazelles. And from the crocodile’s perspective, it was an awesomely impressive display.

The big reptiles moved on the gazelles with frightening speed and practically engulfed the small animals. The killer crocs took them under the water and out of sight with a single bite of their toothy jaws.

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Killer Crocs and Carnivorous Lions Attack at River Crossing