Facebook: Red Arrow via Michael Waddell's Bone Collector

This Video Will Make Every Bowhunter Uncontrollably Anxious for Archery Season

Get ready to feel an increased heart rate, sweaty palms and a severe case of restless leg syndrome.

It's finally that time of year. The opening day of whitetail archery season is mere sniffs away, and every bowhunter is already itching to get back in the woods. There's nothing that could make this time of year more exciting, is there?

Oh, but there is. However, there are some teasers in life that you almost can't handle. Remember that trailer for the final season of your favorite show that doesn't come out for another year? Did you forget how anxious you felt after seeing your college football team's hype video back in July?

Consider yourself warned: this video will test your emotional discipline. Every bowhunter has been waiting for the sound of an arrow smacking hide. Each of you has yearned for the sight of a blood trail indicating a well-placed shot.

Now it's here, and it's here in montage form. Good luck.

Bowhunter or not, every outdoorsman out there has to feel excited after seeing this.

So much of archery season comes down to waiting patiently, so when that climactic moment finally presents itself, it's hard to keep emotions in line.

So, when all you're seeing—right before opening day, nonetheless—is perfect kill shot after perfect kill shot, how could you not jump out of your seat?

To be fair, I warned you. Now waiting for that first day of the season is going to be a whole lot harder, isn't it?

Have you already scouted to decide where you want to put your treestand this year? Is your bow all tuned up and ready to go? Now's the time to get everything in order!