Chad Mendes mule deer
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Former UFC Fighter Chad Mendes Nails a Big Oregon Mule Deer

This is why you should never get down on yourself after a bad shot.

Most people probably know Chad Mendes for his time as a mixed martial arts fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. However, his grit goes beyond the octagon these days, as he's made quite a name for himself within the big-game hunting community.

He doesn't take his time afield lightly, either, even going as far as starting his own hunting and fishing guide service called "Finz and Feathers."

While his passion for the outdoors has reached new heights in recent years, those roots actually go back farther than 20 years.

Mendes tries to dabble in just about everything hunting and fishing has to offer, but his heart seemingly belongs to big-game bowhunting.

In this particular video, we see him travel to Oregon in pursuit of mature mule deer bucks still in velvet. While mule deer hunting can be classified as the big leagues regardless of method, there's arguably nothing more exhilarating than hunting them with a spot-and-stalk archery approach.

So, as you can imagine, this one was right up Mendes' alley.

Watch the video below:

As hunting often goes, he wasn't successful his first time around, missing a relatively easy shot on really nice buck. However, unlike many of us, Mendes knows how to keep his cool. Perhaps all those UFC fights taught him a lesson on composure the rest of us just can't understand.

He was able to laugh off what he called "a rookie mistake" of ditching his rangefinder right before the shot, and woke up the next day with a clear head.

So, if your hunting season starts off with a bust, take a note from our man Mendes and simply hit again the next day.

Congratulations to Mendes on an incredible backcountry mule deer hunt!