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This Trapper Caught 44 Hogs at Once!

hog trap

This isn’t your average foot trap.

In places like Texas and so many other states, feral hogs are more than just a problem, they’re an all out infestation. With a year-round season on these menaces throughout several southern states, there just aren’t enough hog hunters to help slow their population. This’s where hog trapping comes into play.

Watch this trapper snag 44 hogs in one pull of the trigger.

I’d say that was a full trap!

If your land is overrun with hogs and you’re looking around for a new rifle to take down some pork, you should check out the Hog Hunter from Savage; it’s a beast. With a super lightweight synthetic stock and a threaded bull barrel, this rifle will have no problem reducing the numbers of hogs on your property. Out of the box it comes tapped for optics up top, however I will say that the iron sights are outstanding if you want to shoot without a scope. This rifle is extremely well balanced and shoots like a dream. Did I mention the price is right, too? Check it out, it’s an outstanding firearm.

hog hunting, savage arms
Savage Arms


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This Trapper Caught 44 Hogs at Once!