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How Many Texans Does it Take to Unlock Bucks?

texans unlock bucks

It takes a team effort from numerous Texans to break these two big bucks apart.

You’ve heard the joke. “How many ______s does it take to screw in a light bulb?” But in this instance, we want to know just how many Texans it takes to get these big Texas bucks antlers unlocked!

Unfortunately, it looks like this battle ended badly for one of the bucks. The fight was literally a fight to the death as one buck is dragging around the dead carcass of his challenger. With a hind end torn up, we can only assume coyotes were the culprit.

These outdoorsman head out to do their good deed and rescue the living buck by separating them. But how many guys will it take?

Here’s the video:

Not two, not three, but four Texans and a saw later, the buck is finally freed up.

The guys were forced to cut the rack of the dead buck to get the job done. Holding the living buck down, one man lets go and jumps back. The buck quickly comes to his feet and bounds off safely. Well done, men.

So now you know the rest of the riddle. How many Texans does it take to unlock some bucks? Apparently, four.

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How Many Texans Does it Take to Unlock Bucks?