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Watch This Massive Herd of Wild Hogs Take Over a Whole Forest

wild hogs

This passel of wild hogs is absolutely incredible. They literally take over the entire forest in this mind-blowing video.

Everybody knows that you rarely, if ever, see a single feral pig. Wild hogs are herd animals. This video of a sounder of feral hogs running through a forest environment is almost scary. There are a lot!

We're not sure where exactly this scene is located, but it's incredible. These wild hogs take over this forest, running from left to right for probably a hundred yards or so.

There are hundreds of feral hogs of all sizes - some are pretty huge - running through the forest here. You can just imagine the environmental or agricultural land damage these pigs do. Agricultural lands especially receive some pretty horrific damage from large herds of hogs like this.

They rut and dig up agricultural crops and drive farmers nuts. Of course wild hogs are a significant invasive species environmental concern in a growing number of states in the country, but primarily in the southern states.

But they're moving northwards, even into the upper Midwest. Wisconsin, for example, has a shoot on sight, no season, no limits rule for culling any invasive wild hogs that you might find in the state.

A herd like this would be a shooter's paradise. Several shooters could have some hot action with this massive passel of pigs. The only problem you might have (if you're a quick and accurate shooter) is having enough freezer room to store all of the pork!

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Watch This Massive Herd of Wild Hogs Take Over a Whole Forest