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This New-Fangled Archery Competition is Anything But Boring

archery competition

Tired of shooting non-moving archery targets?

Well, these archers have found a much more exciting alternative.

Check out this archery competition that teaches skills on how to hit moving targets.

Posted by ArcTrap on Monday, May 23, 2016

This is definitely a more enjoyable way to spend your time archery shooting than just hitting a target.

Game animals out in the wilds never sit still for long. The hunting archer must be quick with an arrow to connect with the target. This archery competition is all about hitting moving targets. This line of archers fire volley shots at quick moving targets.

Now that looks like an enjoyable way to practice your quick archery skills. Sure beats the old square foam block target.

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This New-Fangled Archery Competition is Anything But Boring