Guilty Dog Has No Idea Who Came and Stole the Wontons...

Think your dog looks guilty when he's done something wrong? Well, we may have found the guiltiest dog ever. 

Does your dog know when he's done something wrong? Is he good at hiding it, or can you see the guilt right on his face? Well, if you think your dog is a pretty bad liar, then you need to see this video, because this just might be the guiltiest dog ever.

A plate of wontons has gone missing right off the kitchen counter, and the thief is just a few feet away. But instead of being able to play innocent, this dog doesn't have a chance at hiding what he's done. One look at his face says it all.

Meet the guiltiest dog ever.

Sure, he knows he shouldn't steal food, and sure, he knows he's not supposed to stand up to reach the kitchen counters, but those wontons smelled so good. Can we really blame him?

If you have a dog in the house who can't hide his guilt, it can work to your advantage, since you'll always know who the culprit was.

Does your dog know that he shouldn't steal food, but still gets away with it anyway? It may be time for a little redesigning in your kitchen. If your dog gets hold of the wrong food, it can be dangerous for him. Plus, having your dog in the kitchen while you're cooking can be dangerous for you both.

Consider putting up a gate to keep your dog out of the kitchen, so that he stays safe. If you don't want to do that, then installing latches on lower cupboards to keep your dog from opening them is a good idea. You'll also want to make sure to always keep food well out of your dog's reach.

Does your dog show his guilt when he's done something wrong? Tell us in the comments below. 

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