This is What Some People Really Want to do with a Fidget Spinner

Another ridiculously popular fad, with yet another group who doesn't like it for some reason.

Ok, anything with guns and shooting something is a cool video to me. Therefore, this video is something I enjoyed watching. But one thing I don't understand is the new fidget spinner fad, but I also would never fire a pistol round into one for that specific reason.

I have only seen one in person, and I didn't play with it at all. More power to someone who likes it, but apparently this fellow didn't. And based off the social media reaction, there are a lot of people who agree with him. Why? I am not really sure, but this video seemed to be something they were all pretty happy with.

All I could think, though, was is he really going to pull the trigger that close to the fidget spinner and the tree?

Watch for yourself.

Most certainly not the best gun safety practices by any means. This fidget spinner will be spun no more nonetheless. After watching the video though, go to the comments on the facebook page and look at the banter back and forth. Who knew people were so passionate about the fidget or hate.

Let's be honest though, popping off a round from a handgun at anything in slow motion is going to get some views. Slow motion explosions are a man's weakness.

RIP fidget spinner.

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