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Talking to Kids About Gun Safety, with Julie Golob

Julie Golob and the National Shooting Sports Foundation teamed up to spread a message about talking to kids about gun safety and you need to see it.

Gun safety is a huge deal and teaching kids about gun safety is one of the most important parts of that. For that reason, Julie Golob and the National Shooting Sports Foundation have teamed up to give you a little advice for talking to kids about gun safety. Take a few minutes to check out the video now, it's well worth your time.

No, this video is not "flashy" or "cool," but it is real. It is what real kids think and what real conversations need to happen. There is not an exact manuscript of what you need to tell your kids about guns. It's as easy as ground rules and conversations. Don't make your kids learn everything they know about guns by sneaking around and finding out on their own. Let them ask questions and then teach them the proper ways.

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