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This is What it Was Like to be Shelled by Civil War Cannons

Ever wonder what soldiers had to endure during the Civil War?

This video shows us what it is to be like downrange from live firing cannons.

Witness what it is like to be shelled by Civil War cannons with exploding projectiles.

What was it like at the receiving end of Civil War cannon fire? With an old armored personnel carrier as a target and a camera set up down range we get a look at the frightening outcome.

While many of us have watched cannons fire blank rounds at reenactments we have never witnessed live cannon exploding ammunition heading down range. That is quite impressive. The camera mounted near the target gets great explosions and shows you the mighty power of a Civil War cannon.

Many of our fellow past American soldiers from the North and the South both experienced such a terrifying sight and sound of being targeted by cannons. Rest in peace brave men. Thank you YouTuber grant6165 for sharing this video of the 5th Mass Battery at Fort McCoy firing in Wisconsin back in 1990.


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This is What it Was Like to be Shelled by Civil War Cannons