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Can This Civil War Rifle Hit a 1500-Yard Target?

When many think of the Civil War rifles, they think of short-range skirmish arms.

However, there were long-range weapons back in that day, too, for sniping and target shooting.

Watch as this .451 Parker Hale Whitworth rifle tries the 1500 yard target.

The .451 Parker Hale Whitworth rifle is nothing like any other Civil War era weapon you have ever witnessed. Made from 1854-1857, this old school black powder muzzleloader was a high tech weapon. Distances way out there for target shooting or even war time sniping were possible with this super accurate creation.

The distance tried in this video by Youtube user mag30th was an astounding 1,500 yards away. That is quite a poke for any rifle.

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Can This Civil War Rifle Hit a 1500-Yard Target?