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37mm Parrott Cannon vs. AR500 Armor, Who Wins? [VIDEO]

A Civil War cannon is quite a fierce opponent to face.

This plate of AR500 Armor is set for a close range face off with the 37mm cannon.

Watch as this Parrott Cannon takes on the tough AR500 Level 3 Body Armor.

Facing a cannon is an extremely dangerous thing to do. What if the cannon’s target was covered by the AR500 Level 3 Body Armor?

With this 37mm Parrott Cannon firing buckshot loads, the armor actually survives. The impact though would certainly have done great damage.

Historically, the masses of soldiers that faced cannons did not have this armor to protect them. If they had, maybe history would have been a little different.

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37mm Parrott Cannon vs. AR500 Armor, Who Wins? [VIDEO]