bear in car
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This is What Happens When a Bear Gets Into Your Car

If you've ever wondered what kind of damage a bear could do to your car, here you go.

When in bear country, you always have to take a few extra precautions. Bears can do some serious damage to some of your more valuable possessions. In this case, it was likely the most valuable.

In the following clip, we see a person walk up on the aftermath of a bear getting inside his or her car. Let's hope this vehicle was insured!

Watch the video below:

You hear people say to bolt coolers shut and hang meat up high enough where black bears or grizzly bears can't get to it, but people often forget to roll their windows up! It's hard to say if that's exactly what happened here, as it very well could've been a wide-open door, too.

However, if a bear doesn't even have to smell anything to feel an impulse to jump inside. Bears are often as curious as a young puppy that just wants to explore. So, leaving an open door or window in bear country is a bad idea no matter what.

Fortunately, it doesn't seem like this person had to extract the bear, although it is possible that part of the process happened before the camera started rolling.

It is slightly hard to understand how a bear could do that much damage that quickly, though. It makes you wonder what it was looking for, right?

Have you ever had a bear get into something of yours and cause serious damage? Let us know!

And, always make sure to carry bear spray when necessary!