no way to treat your hunting truck

This is No Way to Treat Your Hunting Truck

Evil Knievel has nothing on this dude and his truck.

Not sure what was going on here, but the video is pretty remarkable.

To get a truck of that size up that high is no small feat (and it is for sure no way to treat your hunting truck). Based off of some of my own experiences related to hunting, there are a few things that could have resulted in this wreck:

1. He was a little late getting around, and in turn was late getting to the deer stand. Therefore he was hammer down and in a hurry to get to his hunting spot, resulting in some major air.

2. He was looking out into the fields gawking at a big buck, trying to find a road shed, or daydreaming about hunting... only to be surprised with liftoff.

3. He was chasing a flock of geese that had just left the roost and was headed out to feed, so he could know exactly  where to set up tomorrow. With them flying a different direction, he was forced to drive at very dangerous speeds to get to the next road that went West. While driving fast and watching the birds instead of the road so he didn't lose them, he found himself in a Dukes of Hazzard kind of situation.

4. Maybe he was just excited to get home and check his trail camera cards.

Watch this insane video and we'll let you choose which one he was doing:

In all seriousness, according to a few news outlets and social media posts, this was actually the end of a wild police chase. We hope everyone involved was ok, but it is confirmed the driver is now in custody.

Now that we know he was alright, it is ok to joke about it, right?

Safe to say that hunting related incidents have often put me in danger behind the wheel. During hunting seasons my eyes tend to be in the fields more than on the road, and I am lucky to have kept it between the lines.

One thing is certain though, that is no way to treat your hunting truck!

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