Strong, Independent Horse Jumps a Perfect Course Without a Rider

Jump a course with a rider? Okay. Jump a course without a rider? This horse is up for either challenge! 

If you've ever tried to jump a course on horseback, you know how difficult it can be. Not only are you worrying about counting strides to your fences, but you're trying to keep the horse supple, communicate where you want to go, remember the next fence, and keep the horse balanced and moving forward. One mistake and you may find yourself on the ground.

Navigating a jumps course is a challenge - unless you're this horse, apparently. Because this horse is out to prove that he doesn't need a rider; he knows his job and can get around the course all on his own.

Take a look at this talented guy!

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Not only does this horse jump around quite stunningly, but he throws in some automatic lead changes for good measure. His favorite jump seems to be the liverpool which, with its spinning windmills and "water" tarp, would stop most other horses in their tracks.

Watching this horse jump is an important reminder of how, as riders, we can affect our horses - both positively and negatively. A good rider can lend their horse support during a course, and can help to align him so that he takes off in optimum spots and from optimum angles. A rider who doesn't have that same talent can make it more difficult for a horse to jump cleanly, especially if they're jumping fences that are larger than they're comfortable with.

Something tells us this horse is going to be a great jumper, and we can't wait to see him in the show ring soon! Love him? Check out the Stal Wilten Facebook page - according to video comments, he's for sale!

Do you think your horse would jump around a course on his own? 

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