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Helicopter-Mounted Chainsaw Clears Power Line by Cutting Trees Like Butter

helicopter chainsaw
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Who knew there was such an effective way to cut obtrusive limbs?

Those who hunt deer on their own property typically take land management pretty seriously. However, while few simple jobs can make a word of difference, a few small jobs quickly turn into a huge, daunting checklist.

However, apparently there are tools for just about every one of those overwhelming tasks, as there's even a massive, helicopter-mounted chainsaw out there that can slice through just about anything and everything. And, as you're about to see, that even includes power-line-long stretches of trees.

Watch the video below:

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Posted by Treeline Helicopters, Inc on Monday, September 16, 2019

Imagine buying a piece of land and wanting to cut some trails throughout. How convenient would this be?

Additionally, if you had plans of building a treestand, a ground blind or a cabin, this would make the initial tree-clearing process a piece of cake.

Of course, it can't be easy to find someone with a helicopter and a 20-foot chainsaw, and there's no alternative that could ever match this kind of efficiency. None that we know of, at least.

The only potential issue I see here is the risk of hitting a power line, but clearly these guys are professionals who have done this a time or two.

So, if you ever find yourself with the opportunity to employ a tool like this, maybe find certified helicopter pilot to do the job for you.

You don't want to accidentally hit the wrong thing with a saw that big!



Helicopter-Mounted Chainsaw Clears Power Line by Cutting Trees Like Butter