mule deer montage
YouTube: Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

This Montage of Mule Deer Hanging From a Helicopter is Insane

It'll probably never feel normal to watch a helicopter moving a big-game animal.

We seemingly continue to see an increasing number of videos of big-game animals hanging from flying helicopters, and it's still crazy to watch.

Wildlife conservation agencies across the country use this method to redistribute game animals to different areas or different states. The redistribution of animals allows for healthier herd, better survival rates and the best ranges to create the most sustainable populations.

It also adds an efficient study area for researchers to monitor behavior within different herds.

Often, these decisions are made to account for changes in habitat, an increase in predator presence and poor weather conditions.

You've probably seen videos of helicopters carrying blindfolded elk, whitetail deer, mule deer and other cervidae to new areas before. However, this video from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission shows a rapid montage of mule deer that's especially awesome.

Watch the video below:

I suppose we see more and more videos like this for the simple reason that wildlife management agencies share more video content on the internet these days. They've used helicopters for years, but only now do we really get to see it.

However, I suppose there are people who've seen helicopters carrying cervidae before.

Could you imagine driving down the interstate and seeing that without ever hearing of this method before? You'd swear you were imagining things!

As you can see, wildlife officers tie them up and blindfold them for their own safety, and they always get up and run right off without any issues.

Thank you to NGPC for sharing this awesome video and allowing us to see how where some of our dollars from hunting licenses go!

We're sure the mule deer population in Nebraska will thank you later, too.

Make sure you contribute to your local conservation departments where you can! All that money goes to good use!