This Cub-Carrying Bear is the Epitome of Motherhood

Here's one mother bear that won't let a lake stop her from keeping her cubs safe.

Here's the latest viral video making its way across social media. This one will warm your heart and remind us of what it takes to be a parent.

This mother bear has her two cubs right on top of her as she makes her way across this relatively large lake. Female bears will go above and beyond to care for their young, and these two bear cubs were fortunate to get some free shipping here!

Watch the video below:

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It makes you wonder if these two cubs have ever had this kind of ride before.

It's amazing how simply watching nature can teach us unique lessons about life. However, it was a bit surprising when she unceremoniously dumped the two as soon as she reached the shore.

Here's to hoping she wasn't trying to escape the folks taking this great video. But odds are they couldn't get into the brush fast enough.

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