This Camp Site Became A Crime Scene When Human Bones Were Discovered
Photo by Sirachai Arunrugstichai/Getty Images

This Colorado Campsite Became A Crime Scene When Human Remains Were Discovered

One Colorado campsite is now a crime scene after a couple of hikers made a grisly discovery. They found partially decomposed human remains.

Two hikers were enjoying the summertime whether near the Deer Creek Campground outside of Bailey on U.S. Forest Service land. That's when they found partial human remains. The pair reported the discovery to authorities, and now there's an ongoing investigation. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation stepped in to lead the investigation.

They dispatched forensic investigators, which are combing the campsite for any potential evidence. A spokesperson confirmed that investigators are leading a "meticulous examination." They're trying to identify who the unidentified victim is and what exactly happened to them.

Right now, there's a lot of unknowns with the case. Investigators don't know who the victim is, how long they've been out there, or how they died. However, a spokesperson with the organization confirmed they are treating the crime as foul play. "As with any death investigation, and certainly one discovered as human remains with some passage of time, we will investigate this in a manner consistent with suspected foul play," spokesman Rob Low said.

Colorado Campsite Becomes Crime Scene

While I don't know when the crime occurred, the Park County Sheriff's Office confirmed they received a report about the remains on  May 28. "As of now, information regarding the case is limited. Collaboratively, the Sheriff's Office, the Coroner's Office, and CBI are diligently working to unravel more details. Further updates will be provided as new information emerges," CBI said.

It's not the first time people outdoors encountered a grisly act of violence, and it probably won't be the last. Waterways and wooded areas are often popular spots for people to dispose of bodies given their remote nature. Campsites may be popular for outdoor adventurers, but would-be murderers see them as dumping sites for their victims.

Earlier in May, a fisherman made a grisly encounter of his own. While magnet fishing in New Orleans, he discovered a severed head weighed down by a dumbbell. He immediately reported his findings to a passing police cruiser. That launched an investigation and search of the nearby waterway. As with that case, it takes time to build evidence.