New Orleans Fisherman Makes Grisly Find — A Severed Head Attached To A Dumbbell
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

New Orleans Fisherman Makes Grisly Find — A Severed Head Attached To A Dumbbell

Out of all the things you want to come across while fishing, a severed human head isn't one of them. However, one New Orleans fisherman discovered just that while out enjoying the summertime weather. The fisherman discovered a human head attached to a dumbbell, and now, authorities are combing the area.

Authorities are searching Bayou St. John for more human remains, according to 4WWL. Dozens of police combed the area and searched the water for more human remains. However, it appears they didn't find anything further. As of now, the fisherman remains anonymous and didn't wish to talk with local media about his find. His friends however say it was a human head attached to a dumbbell. The man had been magnet fishing, which is using a magnet to search for metal objects in the water. His finding immediately spooked him, so much that he flagged down a passing police cruiser.

It seems like a scene very much out of the next season of True Detective. Someone better call Matthew McConaughey because there's a Southern mystery at play.

Fisherman Flags Down Police

Authorities called dive teams to search the waters of Bayou St. John. However, they did not find anything. Authorities are also using sonar equipment as well as cameras to search through the murky waters. They set up a command station on Mirabeau bridge to assist in the search. Southeast Louisiana Underwater Search and Recovery experts are examining the images for any potential clues. Authorities are also considering cadaver dogs in their search as well.

As of now, authorities haven't revealed if the head belonged to a male or female. Authorities will attempt to use dental records and DNA to identify who the deceased person may be. NOPD confirmed an investigation into the matter. "We can confirm that the investigation into the unclassified death incident reported on May 18 at the intersection of Mirabeau Avenue and Wisner Boulevard is ongoing. No additional information is currently available."

Discovering the scene of a murder isn't what any outdoorsman expects. However, woods and rivers are frequent drop spots for dead bodies, given their remoteness. The fact that a dumbbell was used is tailing as a dumbbell would make the remains sink out of site. One fisherman definitely got more than they bargained for.