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13-foot, 1,100-Pound Alligator Needs a Whole Wall for the Mount

This alligator is almost too big for the wall!

One of our favorite hunting channels on YouTube, Deer Meat for Dinner, produces some of the best alligator hunting videos out there. They are consistently on the big gators and their videos provide a wealth of knowledge on how to hunt, skin and cook these big reptiles.

If you've been watching their channel for a while, you probably remember this giant, 13-foot, 1,127-pounder they harvested back in 2018. This beast took THREE .44 Magnum rounds to finally dispatch.

Now, a little over a year later, the mount is finally complete and it's something you've got to see to believe.

Did you see how thick that hide was when the taxidermist sliced it open? No wonder this animal was so tough to kill. A mount of this size and quality takes some serious skills to make it look this nice. We're sure it was expensive, but good taxidermy work is worth every penny. We are curious how much they had to beef up that wall to hold a mount of this size!

It's good to hear him talk about how all the meat was utilized in this harvest. Too many non-hunters might get the wrong impression seeing this mount and think it was killed just for the display. That simply wasn't the case. We can only imagine how many meals this beast provided for their family and friends.

An alligator of this size is a real rarity and we're not surprised when Rob says this was the largest one his hunting party has ever harvested. It looks like it was a bear to get that beast in the boat. There is only one word for an alligator of this size and that's "dinosaur."

Congratulations again to the Deer Meat for Dinner crew on the harvest of this massive gator and for having one of the most impressive trophy walls we've ever seen. That gator will be a conversation starter for years to come!

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