Photos via Facebook/News 6/Jim Cutway

This 12-Foot, 500-Pound Florida Gator Was Trapped and Relocated

Check out the girth on this monster gator trapped in Parrish, Florida.

News out of Florida never ceases to amaze, but this latest story comes without a huge surprise: a big alligator was captured, and the size of the thing is almost unbelievable.

News 6 in Orlando reported that divers in Parrish, a small community northeast of Bradenton, were worried about an alligator they'd spotted underwater, and employed the help of Jim Cutway, a the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission-licensed alligator trapper.

"The divers said, 'We're out of here until something is done with him,'" Cutway told the news station.

Cutway said he and another trapper used calls and the alligator exposed his head, giving them a chance to snag the "big, bull gator."

It took Cutway and his partner more than two hours to drag the reptile to shore, and that it gave them a "long-fought tug of war," he said. The divers returned to their private project once it was removed.

The giant was relocated to an alligator farm on Florida's east coast.

As the odds would have it, this wasn't even Cutway's biggest gator, after snagging one six inches longer prior to this catch.