Record Breaking Python
Kyle Penniston

A Record Breaking Python Has Just Been Caught in Florida

This thing is one man-eating snake. 

Down in the Everglades, they have a problem. Invasive pythons are taking over, but not without a fight. Snake hunters, employed by the state, have relentlessly been on the job killing as many pythons as they can.

Public snake hunts take place regularly to also combat this growing concern. However, something remarkable just happened down in the swamp. As you're about to see, someone just caught a record-breaking python.

If these snakes are going to start getting this big regularly, Florida has an entirely different problem on its hands. Measuring out to 17.5 feet, and weighing in at 120 pounds, there's a chance this isn't even the biggest one out there!

Record Breaking Python

The man who captured this record-breaking python, Kyle Penniston, had this to say about it from a Facebook post:

"So this snake just showed me you really can do anything. I just caught this python alone, I was riding along the levee and saw this massive girl in the water. Jumped out and grabbed her by the head and realized how big she truly was. She started wrapping me while I tried getting her up the levee, she ended up making me loose my grip and as soon as I knew it she had my hand in her mouth. I grabbed my pistol off my side loaded one in the chamber and it jammed. I kept fighting till we were both dead of energy. *Finally, I* was able to get her up the levee and l euthanized her as it's required by our program. Also thanks to Brian Hargrove for stoping to get some pictures for me.#blessed. Ended up being 17'5 120lbs"

So The snake wrapped around him, he tried to shoot it, then he was finally able to wear it out. Things like that are where nightmares come from.

Count me out.