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Think Your Local Ice is Thick? Think Again…

ice is thick

Thin ice will kill you.

Well these ice fisherman are on the opposite side of the spectrum.

Get ready for some of the thickest ice you’ve ever seen.

Posted by ‎Hayat حیـاة‎ on Sunday, November 19, 2017

Judging ice thickness can quickly turn into a life-and-death situation. Every year, anglers, vehicles and ice-fishing shacks succumb to dangers of thin ice. Well, these ice fisherman have the complete opposite problem.

In a video Hayat shared on Facebook, we see some really, really thick ice. How thick? Well, these guys probably started wondering if the whole body of water was frozen. They finally hit water after what looked like a deep oil-drilling operation.

I wonder how long this would take if you used that hand-operated ice auger by yourself? Now that would certainly be a workout!

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Think Your Local Ice is Thick? Think Again…