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The Ultimate Ice Fishing Gear Guide

Thinking about getting into ice fishing this season?

If you’re still looking to do some fishing this time of year, your options are limited. If you don’t have open water, face it: you’ll be ice fishing.

These nine items will come in handy while you are out on the ice, and they’ll help you satisfy your angling needs throughout the season.

1. Shelter

Sportsman’s Guide

An insulated ice fishing shack is hard to beat when the winds are howling on the lake. This shelter is available online at Sportsman’s Guide.

2. A great insulated seat

Keeping your posterior warm will help keep the rest of you warm and keep you fishing longer.

Sportsman’s Guide

This handy foldable Clam Chair is available online at Sportsman’s Guide.

3. A good ice fishing rod and reel


Cabela’s carries a great selection such as this 13 Fishing Wicked Ice-Fishing Combo.

4. The proper bait and lures are crucial

While the fish in each body of water at any given time may prefer anything from maggots, red worms, wax worms or artificial lures you cannot go wrong with a great assortment of each.


Jigs such as these available from Cabela’s should do the trick with proper bait.

5. A good bucket

It can be used to hold the catch, bait or as a guest chair for your fishing buddy. Don’t leave home without a bucket.


6. Don’t forget the auger

Now that could be a problem.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Might as well go big or go home. Pack this bad boy to the lake available at Dick’s Sporting Goods online.

7. Snacks

Please don’t forget the snacks and drinks. The old sardines in a can also double as bait.

Like Sardines in a Can October 12, 2002

8. Ice cleats are for your safety


Make sure that you at least have a pair like these YakTrax with you in case the ice just gets too slick to walk on.

9. Warm clothing

Dress in layers but make sure you have enough on for all body parts from your fingers to toes.

Sportsman’s Guide

A full one-piece snow suit, like this one from Sportsman’s Guide, is the way to go. Leave little to know skin exposed, and you’ll thank yourself later.

While there are many other items that you may want to add to your ice fishing gear list, the above will get you started in a great way. Stay warm, and happy ice fishing!


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The Ultimate Ice Fishing Gear Guide