Cadillac Escalade and an ice fishing shack sink

Cadillac Escalade and Ice Fishing Shack Sink Into the Deep Abyss

When you're ice fishing, things can sometimes go bad quickly.

This ice fisherman just lost his truck AND ice fishing shack to thin ice:

As reported by NBC26 on Facebook a man is lucky to be alive in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin. He was driving his Cadillac Escalade over the thin ice to tow an ice fishing shack to another spot on the lake. He heard from a friend who earlier rode his snowmobile there that the ice was safe. Well he must have not been that good of a friend as things went badly quickly.

Driving quickly it appears the pickup truck and ice shack is going to make it. Then the back end of the truck breaks through the ice in a horrific scene. What happens next is like a train wreck and you just can't stop watching.

Well the good news is the only ones that died that day is that Cadillac Escalade and the ice fishing shack. Wonder what his vehicle insurance had to say about that epic fail?