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Things Get Messy When "Ralph The Rex" Does Farm Chores

There's nothing ordinary about barn chores when a T-Rex picks up a manure fork and gets to work. 

For horse owners, barn chores are a part of daily life. When you have horses, there are always stalls to be cleaned, paddocks to be picked, water buckets to be filled, and a few dozen other chores to be done. It can get pretty mundane when you do the same chores from day to day. But when a T-Rex does barn chores? Well, you can be guaranteed that it will be a good time.

This T-Rex tries his hand at stall cleaning, wheelbarrow dumping, and, well, let's just say that you will most certainly NOT regret watching this video.

This isn't the first time a T-Rex and horses have crossed paths. This woman in a T-Rex costume spooked carriage horses, causing quite the incident and putting lives in danger. For obvious reasons, we'd advise you NOT to be this person.

While wearing a T-Rex costume might not allow you to be super productive in your barn chores, it sure makes for a fun sight. Just make sure to give your horses plenty of time to get used to the sight of a dinosaur walking around the barn!

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This article was originally published October 18, 2017.

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