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Meet Einstein: The World's Smallest (And Most Adorable) Horse

Do you remember when Oprah met Einstein? This small horse is famous, so you've likely seen all the videos from the past few years.

According to an article that appeared in People in 2010, this horse 'Einstein' has a big personality.

"The horse, who weighed just 6 lbs. at birth (the world's smallest newborn horse, Thumbalina, weighed 9 lbs.) may be diminutive in size, but his personality is super-sized."

Even Oprah got to meet Einstein! He's SO adorable. It's said that the chances of an 'Einstein' being born is one in a billion.

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"The average horse stands more than 5 feet tall and weighs about 1,500 pounds. A miniature horse is typically half as tall and weighs just 250 pounds, but at 5 months old, little Einstein is head and shoulders below his peers. This tiny steed is just 20 inches tall and weighs in at a mere 47 pounds."

World's smallest horse

Can Einstein claim this title? We've also heard of Thumbelina who is officially the world's smallest horse. The 17.5-inch mare claims this honor as Guinness bestowed on her the honor in 2006, and she's even toured the U.S.

But Thumbelina is officially a dwarf and not merely a tiny version of a proper healthy horse like Einstein!

What does a petite pony eat?

The article in People confirms that the diet is made up of mother's milk, Timothy grass, one tablespoon of grain, and the occasional clover from regular grass.

Is Einstein a dwarf or a real tiny horse?

Oprah loves feeding 'Einstein' a carrot in the video. Wouldn't you?

At birth, miniature horses weigh about 21 pounds. Einstein is well proportioned and at birth only weighed 6 pounds. This little munchkin is a real 'tiny' horse, not a dwarf horse.

Wouldn't you like to see this tiny horse with some world records?

Here are some additional fun facts about 'Einstein':

  • He belongs to Rachel Wagner and Charlie Cantrell who adore him.
  • They made sure there was a friend for Einstein, Lily their Boxer loves to play with him.
  • He is a 'little horse' not a miniature horse.
  • The equine world was shocked and embraced this 'mini horse'
  • The Barnstead farm is where Einstein was born

What do you think about this horse? Share your thoughts below.

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