Can-Am Defender HD10 6x6

These New Can-Am Utility Machines Will Change the Way People Work

Can-Am has completely revamped its Defender lineup, adding a refreshed Lone Star Edition and an all-new 6x6 model.

On Tuesday, Can-Am unveiled two new off-road machines in Fort Worth, Texas, adding to its completely updated Defender lineup.

As the sheet came off the reimagined Defender Max Lone Star Edition and the all-new Defender 6x6 DPS HD10, Can-Am not only showed a different look for the storied Defender lineup, but also an enhanced vision for off-road utility vehicles in America.

The two new vehicles reflect a growing theme across the entire market: the increasing demand for capable, off-road utility machines.

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"BRP is committed to the full-size utility recreational segment because it is one of the fastest growing in the market," said Bernard Guy, Senior Vice-President, Global Product Strategy, BRP. "The 2020 Can-Am Defender family is the direct result of merging tangible insights from customers around the world with our own strict innovation standards. The new Defender vehicles offer extraordinary adaptability, comfort and dependability to help owners accomplish tasks with more confidence than ever before, and our commitment to performance will never waver."

Whether you're someone managing land or someone looking to take your hunting expeditions to the next level, Can-Am's Defender lineup already checked out. The addition of a 6x6, however, paves a new road that's still waiting for the installment of destination signs. There's no telling what direction this could take Can-Am in years to come.

But first, let's take a look at the Can-Am Defender Max Lone Star Edition.

Defender Max Lone Star Edition

Can-Am Lone Star Edition

One of the perks of living in Texas is having an inherent connection to the Lone Star Edition. Wide Open Spaces Editor-in-Chief Eric Pickhartz and I have had the pleasure of hunting with both the 2018 and 2019 variants of this machine, which turned our hunts into full-on expeditions.

With tons of seating room, a monster bed and incredible off-road capabilities, it feels like the Cadillac of hunting machines. And, the 2020 looks like it could be even better.

Can-Am Lone Star Edition

Coming in the same sleek package, all Defender HD10s now offer the industry's quietest 1,000cc V-twin engine. An all-new, low-sound exhaust system, paired with a thicker firewall, softens engine noise while also maintaining a smooth, distinct sound.

In terms of performance, Can-Am aimed to maximize its famous Rotax HD10 engine. Now featuring 82 horsepower and 69 foot-pounds of torque, the Defender HD10 has the guts to tow up to 2,500 pounds.

Can-Am Defender Max Lone Star Edition

It can get up in speed even faster now, too, as Can-Am recalibrated the CVT and reduced the shift line by 500 RPM, allowing for a much smoother acceleration.

The Defender also received a 360-degree facelift, which includes redesigned grill and hood, as well as a rugged steel front bumper and upper bumper plate. We also liked the new Dual Phase steel frame, which has been reinforced and lightened by 5 pounds.

New suspension calibration, a new brake holding system and new front and rear 64-inch arched A-arms all come together to provide extra ground clearance and a much smoother off-road experience.

To top it off, the cockpit offers the option of a 4.5-inch digital display or a 7.6-inch display with a keypad.

The Defender Max Lone Star Edition has an MSRP of $20,599.

Defender 6x6 DPS HD10

Can-Am 6x6

With the Defender 6x6 DPS HD10, Can-Am added an even-heavier-duty option to an impressive lineup.

Featuring the same HD10 Rotax V-twin engine, this machine should be just as reliable as its predecessors, but even more powerful. With a towing capacity of 3,000 pounds, you won't find an off-road machine more capable for the toughest jobs.

With a massive 6-foot cargo bed, you can haul massive loads without making a lot of trips, which can be optimal for serious hunters, too. Whether you're someone who needs to take a lot of gear into the backcountry for a hunt, or someone managing their own hunting land, this side-by-side turns that extra row of passenger seats into a ton of useful work space.

Can-Am 6x6

Though the extra two wheels do take away from the turning radius to some degree, they don't sacrifice the Defender's off-road capabilities.

The Defender 6x6 DPS HD10 has an MSRP of $17,999.

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