These 4 Drivers Got Extremely Lucky

Driving can be a perilous and arduous task. 

To many, less experienced drivers, driving can be a dangerous job. It is always important to use common sense while driving and keep your eyes open for any hazards.

Some people get a massive wake-up call in the form of an accident and are blessed to be able to walk away.

Here's a collection of four drivers who were very lucky to walk away from these accidents with minor injuries.

Car Launches into Bridge in Ohio Car Chase

This is an older video, but it is still quite surprising that the driver of this car walked away from this incident, albeit in handcuffs.

This was a police chase that occurred on I-675 in Ohio. The driver appeared to be driving in the grass to overtake traffic, but bunny-hopped over a mound and launched into a bridge. Miraculously, the driver walked away with minor injuries.

Audi TT Flies into Sign and Fence

In Sandton, Johannesburg, this Audi TT somehow managed to fly over a wall and crash into a fence. It is unclear how this accident occurred.

This is the aftermath of the crash. Miraculously, the driver walked away unscathed.

Motorcycle Chases Hit-and-Run Driver

Earlier this year, some moron in a Mercedes S-Class proceeded to crash into multiple vehicles in traffic before driving off.

A YouTuber who goes by the intriguing name Dick Danger proceeded to chase the culprit all over until the police apprehended. Thankfully, everybody walked away without serious injury.

Mustang Crashes into Crowd, Proceeds to be Destroyed

No car accident compilation would be complete without a Mustang video. This occurred at a car meet earlier this year when this white Mustang convertible was doing some donuts and proceeded to plow into a crowd.

As the driver tried to flee, the group then proceeded to tear the Mustang to bits.