3 Truck Jumps That Went Insanely High

Watch truck jumps defy the laws of physics with willing professional drivers all too happy to launch 331-footers down 10-story ramps.

Here are Wide Open Roads 3 favorite truck jumps by our favorite drivers.

3. World Record Truck Jump Attempt Goes Wrong

French rally driver Guerlain Chicherit attempts a world record attempt for the longest truck jump in snowy Tignes, Frances. If successful, it would have cleared 332 feet, a record formerly held by Games Rallycross and Indianapolis 500 driver Tanner Foust. It appears the event was doomed from the start with a postponed event due to fog and a shaky start, as you may see in the video. Luckily, he escaped the crash with little injuries and returned to skiing shortly after that.

2. The Yellow Driver's World Record Truck Jump

Tanner Foust, a co-host of Top Gear, Hollywood stunt driver, and professional rally driver, attempted a 332-foot jump at the Indianapolis 500 in 2011. Hitting 105 mph, his Hot Wheels truck rumbled down a 10-story (90 feet) of a long orange ramp and shot through the air for 4 seconds before landing safely on the opposite ramp.

What's just as impressive is that the ramp was not without safety hazards. Modeled after the Hot Wheels V-drop toy, a ramp hung on a door, it had no guard rails. Even its 100-foot backdrop is modeled after a door in a move straight out of Pixar's Toy Story.

1. World Record: 379 Feet!

In August 2016, Bryce Menzies made the Guinness Book of World Records for his world record clearing a Pro2 truck 379.4 feet on the outskirts of San Diego. Sponsored by Red Bull and Pennzoil, his team spent six months securing a location, build/test ramps, training, and scoping out safety. What's more impressive is that shortly before making the final jump, Menzies botched a test run, hospitalizing him and damaging his truck in the process. What a way to turn it around!