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8 of the Best Options for a Good Hog Hunting Gun

Hog Hunting Gun

What is the best hog hunting gun?

Feral hog populations are exploding in the United States, especially in Texas and Florida. More and more big game sportsmen are now finding they can add the words "hog hunter" to their resume as these critters invade their home areas.

Now, hunters are actively looking for a dedicated gun to hunt hogs.

With that in mind, here are eight of our top choices of best guns for feral hogs.

Remington Model 700

You can't go wrong with a bolt-action classic.

The Model 700 is well-known among deer hunters for its knockdown power. This rifle is chambered in many calibers, but for hogs we'd recommend .300 or .308.

One of Remington's newest versions of this rifle is the Model 700 NRA American Hunter chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, another solid choice of round for hogs.

It isn't the ideal rifle for taking out large groups of pigs, because you're not going to get a lot of fast follow-up shots with this hunting rifle. We'd say the 700 is a good choice for situations where long-range shot placement is key.

Maybe you're after a single large trophy wild boar. The 700 is perfect for that scenario. The bonus is, you can also use this gun as a go-to deer hunting rifle.

Mossberg 500 Flex

The Mossberg 500 is an excellent all-around hunting shotgun, but the 500 Flex seems like it was tailor-made for wild hog hunting. This one comes in a variety of gauges, but we'd recommend a 12-gauge shotgun for hogs.

The reason we put the Flex model on the list is because this model is built to be quickly customized without the use of tools. You can quickly add a low power scope, red dot sight, pistol grip stock or nicer recoil pad in a hurry. You can even change out barrels quickly.

You can hunt wild pigs in an open area with the deer slug barrel in the morning and then put a shorter barrel on to use with buckshot in a brushy area in the afternoon. You've got to love versatility!

Ruger Mini-14

This is a great option for someone who wants semi-automatic AR-15-style shooting performance in a package closer to a more traditional hunting rifle.

There are several different variations on the M-14 with different style stocks and barrels. Some of the stock models come with magazine capacities of up to 20 rounds, but you can get larger aftermarket ones. This allows you to put a lot of rounds down range and put a hurting on a whole group of hogs.

The downside is that because these rifles are chambered in 5.56 NATO (aka: .223 Remington), it doesn't have as much stopping power as other hog hunting rifles. Remember that feral pigs are tough animals. Shot placement will be key.

Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport

AR-15 platforms have taken off tremendously with hog hunters. These semi-autos have soft recoil, are fast shooting and have rails perfect for thermal optics or other accessories. The Smith & Wesson M&P 15 is a good budget AR hog gun in the $700 range.

This AR is great for bringing home lots of bacon in a hurry. These rifles aren't picky on ammo and are quite reliable. The only thing to take into consideration is that again, this is a rifle chambered in 5.56. If you're looking for more stopping power, you might want to consider one of the other rifles on our list.

Bushmaster XM-10

If you want firepower and magazine capacity, the XM-10 might be just the ticket. This is an AR platform chambered in .308 Winchester, meaning it's going to be a lot easier to penetrate the thick hide of a hog.

This rifle comes with a stock 20-round magazine, meaning you can get shots on a whole group of hogs in a hurry. The XM-10 includes a picatinny optics rail where you can mount a thermal scope or other optic to help you take down hogs in the dark.

The 16-inch barrel is of a size compact enough to easily maneuver the firearm in tight areas. Some people like to use Bushmaster guns like this one from helicopters on feral swine.

Marlin 1895

Chambered in .45-70 Government, the Marlin 1895 has plenty of stopping power for larger pigs. This is a classic hunting rifle and there are several different variants you can get to fit your style of hunting.

One model, the 1895 Dark Series, has a 16-inch barrel and an overall length of just 34 inches, making this a compact brush gun. The Dark Series also comes with a rail for optics, although we suspect most people who buy one of these are going to go old school with the iron sights.

This gun might not be as good as taking down large groups of hogs, but the ones you do hit probably won't be going very far once they feel the power of those .45-70 rounds!

Daniel Defense DDM4 300 S

The 300 Blackout round has quickly gained a huge following as a go-to pig hunting round. It has ballistic measurements comparable to the classic 7.62x39 and .30-30.

The Daniel Defense DDM4 300 S is a lightweight sporting rifle that weighs just 5.77 pounds, according to the manufacturer. This is a short rifle with a barrel length just over 10 inches. It gives the whole gun a compact overall length of just under 30 inches.

That means you have an extremely compact firearm with the stopping power of much larger rifles. It can easily be fitted with quality optics or a night vision scope for after-hours hog eradication.

Taurus Raging Bull

Handguns aren't the most popular firearms for wild boar hunting, but they can certainly do the job. There are plenty of options out there that will easily take down a large hog, but we felt like the Taurus is a good choice.

One of these chambered in .44 Magnum or .45 Colt should be more than enough to do the job. This isn't a gun you'll be using to wipe out whole groups of pigs.

This is one you'll be using to selectively target larger boars and put them down for good with a single, well-placed shot.

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8 of the Best Options for a Good Hog Hunting Gun