Remington 700

Remington 700: The History Behind the Famed Rifle

The venerable Remington 700 rifle has an undeniable place in our hearts.

For many years, the vaunted Remington 700 was widely regarded as the most accurate factory bolt-action rifle on the market.

As history has shown, the totem pole of firearm manufacturers gets rearranged, creating a path for legacy brands to live on legend. But, the Remington 700 is more than a namesake.

Just the aftermarket for these excellent rifles alone should tell you how revered they are as hunting or shooting tools, but newer models continue to fly off the shelves.

Already a company with a strong reputation, Remington made an institutional centerpiece for the hunting public when it first rolled out the Remington 700. Surely there have been ups and downs, but the fact remains that this rifle, chambered in so many different calibers, has stood the test of time.

Brief History of the Remington 700

While some felt it wasn't the prettiest rifle early on, the Remington 700 quickly gained a reputation as one the most accurate rifles straight out of the box that hunters had ever seen.

Designed by a team of engineers headed by a man named Mike Walker, the Remington 700 first appeared in an advertisement in American Rifleman back in 1962

Now, with more than 5 million built, the it's proven to be one of the most popular rifles ever produced.

The idea of improving upon past models by using some seriously tight tolerances in the chamber and bore was inevitable, and when Walker took on the task, the rest was history. Designed for mass production, the Remington 700 line initially produced two variants: the ADL and the BDL.

There have since been many other variants, including the Mountain LSS model with a stainless steel barrel and a laminated stock, as well as variety of options for specified hunting purposes. Law enforcement and military personnel have utilized the 700, too.

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The Controversy

The controversy surrounding Model 700's trigger mechanism has caused Remington a lot of trouble. Depending on who you talk to, the issue has been around for some time, but during the late 2000s, it seemingly started a tidal wave of opinions.

Ultimately, complaints of unintended discharges led Remington to request a recall to avoid long and costly litigation, which offered buyers a way to resolve the problem though the company.

This long-range hunting rifle with an endless variety of caliber offerings has found a lot of love throughout the hunting community for many years, despite the controversy.

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