The Mossberg 500 as Described By Colion Noir

One of the best and reliable shotguns ever created.

One of the first guns I ever held in my hands was a hand me down Mossberg 500. Many a game animal has fallen a victim to this tried and true weapon. Even though it has dents, scratches, and some rust spots that I'm working on I still love this gun. I love this gun so much that it is still my go to gun of choice for any occasion. Colion Noir of the NRA describes this amazing feat of american engineering better than anything I have heard.

Now if you're like me you probably have to wipe some drool off of your chin. Mustangs and an amazing shotgun in one video, well that got my attention.

Colion hit the nail on the head with the statement this gun will take all the abuse you can throw at it and still be just as reliable as the day you took it out of the box. I can say this my shotgun has never jammed, I hammer bowling pins at 100 yards with iron sights, and I have unfortunately not taken as great of care of it as I could have when I was younger.