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These 5 Game Cleaning Method Videos Will Give Your Spouse a Fit

As hunters, we sure can make a spouse crazy.

From skinning game animals inside to scaling fish on the kitchen table... we drive them nuts. These five game cleaning method videos are sure to put you in the dog house.

5. How about cleaning your buck in the living room?

This hunter's spouse must have been thrilled...

4. Why not scale your fish inside with a power drill and a mixer blade?

Sounds like a great, clean process, right? Just ask Youtuber Poppy La Novia: no mess here.

3. Skinning and processing a deer where your spouse usually parks in the garage is a great idea.

You might want to let them know that it's "hanging in there" before they come home. Thanks to tbwpodcast for this gem.

2. Even better is skinning a skunk in the garage.

This awesome video was shared by Youtuber Southern Utah Trapping. Your spouse's car never smelled so good than after being parked in this garage.

1. How about cooking up and serving that lucky someone a great meal of barbecue raccoon?

PittsvilleDirtFarmer sure knows how to win over the heart and mind of that special someone. That aroma alone would last for days...