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Top 10 Tips for Hunting With Your Spouse

Follow these tips and get your mate out hunting with you.

Hunting with your spouse is a great way of recreation and building a deeper connection with that person. Working together for a purpose, especially away from all of the distraction from the outside world, is healthy and quite enjoyable. My wife and I have been hunting together for the last four seasons, and before that she had essentially no connection to the hunting world. Let's look at the top 10 tips for hunting with your spouse.

10. Start easy

In the beginning, be more interested in the recreation of the sport over heavy bag limits. If you know there is a low rough bottom country that has rabbits falling over themselves but the area is pure torture, find an easier area to start out with. A leisurely stroll through some nice country will be more enjoyable for your new hunting buddy than a crawl through miles of thorns.

9. Mind the weather


Do not pick the day with the worst weather to hit in the last decade. A new hunter does not want to be wet and cold, or cooking under the hot sun. Those types of trips are even hard on the seasoned hunter.

8. Drinks and snacks

It is hard to concentrate on hunting if your throat is parched and your stomach is growling. I always carry extra even if I am hunting alone. It is a quick shot of energy.

7. Dress for success

Make sure your spouse is dressed comfortably and the clothing fits. If you are an extra-large, and she is a women's size 6, that is a lot of extra that will soon be a curse.

6. Gear up right

If you're hunting with your wife, make sure her hunting equipment is her size, not yours. If the firearm's length of pull is too long for her or the caliber too heavy, it will cause poor shooting. Don't drown her in your old camp jacket, either. Fit and comfort is important.

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5. Keep it positive

There is no negativity on the hunt! Take everything lighthearted, including missed shots. It happens to all of us, even the seasoned veterans. Negativity will get you an angry or sad spouse and a long ride home.

4. Reinforce with encouragement

Praise her for good hunting practices and the lessons she has learned. We all like positive feedback. Make sure it is always part of the hunt.

3. Keep your perspective

Outdoor Channel

Give credit where credit is due. Be proud that your spouse wants to be with you on the hunt. Many guys dream of that opportunity.

2. Call it quits

Know when the hunt is over. Long all day trips are not the best to teach a new hunter with. Keep the trip length comfortable and extend the amount of time as new hunting trips occur.

1. It goes both ways

While I speak of taking a spouse hunting, such as my wife, many of you may be a female who is currently a hunter with a husband or boyfriend in tow. The above is the same for the other half, and I applaud you ladies of the hunt.

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Top 10 Tips for Hunting With Your Spouse